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This Week’s Top Downloads

This Week's Top Downloads

Every week, we share a number of downloads for all platforms to help you get things done. Here were the top downloads from this week.

The Best Extensions and Widgets for iOS 8

This Week's Top Downloads

iOS 8 is here and while Apple added a ton of stuff, some of the best additions are Share Sheets, Safari Extensions, photo editing extensions, and widgets. Finally, we can now customize iOS just a little bit more. Here are some of the best we've seen so far.

The Best Third Party Keyboards for iOS 8

This Week's Top Downloads

Now that iOS 8 is here, it's brought with it a ton of third party keyboards that offer features that Apple's built-in keyboard doesn't. From better predictive text to cloud syncing and swipe-to-type, there are several to choose from, including some names you'll recognize. Let's take a look at the best of the best.

SwiftKey Brings Swipe-to-Type and Predictive Text to iOS 8

iOS 8: SwiftKey, our favorite Android keyboard, just launched for iOS 8 devices and it's bringing its best features along for the ride. Gesture typing, predictive text that learns from how you type, and cloud-connected settings that you can use on multiple devices are just a few of what's available in the iOS version.

TunnelBear Mobile Is an Elegant, Easy Mobile VPN That Keeps You Safe

This Week's Top Downloads

Android/iOS: It's no secret that a good VPN is a must-have, and we even have some favorites, but finding a good phone-friendly VPN is another matter. TunnelBear, one of our favorite services to get around location-restrictions, just launched updated mobile apps that make mobile security and privacy a snap.

1Password for iOS Supports Touch ID, New Freemium Model

This Week's Top Downloads

iOS: Today, one of our favorite password managers, 1Password, has been updated to support the newest version of iOS. To celebrate, it's now going freemium.

TacitoHealth Is an All-Inclusive Health Tracking Dashboard

This Week's Top Downloads

Android/iOS: TactioHealth creates a report of your health risks and statistics, based on details you add manually or through wearable fitness gadgets.

Instapaper Now Free to Download, Adds Text-To-Speech and User Profiles

This Week's Top Downloads

iOS/Android: Bookmark-and-read-later tool Instapaper updated with quite a few new features today, like text-to-speech, user profiles, and some nifty goodies for iOS 8 users.

Disconnect Mobile Blocks Malicious Ads and Malware on Your Smartphone

This Week's Top Downloads

Android/iOS: Disconnect, one of our favorite privacy-protecting browser tools, has a mobile app that keeps you safe on your smartphone as well. Disconnect Mobile blocks malicious ads that track your activities, blocks malware disguised as ads, and offers protection against suspected malware sites.

KeepTrack Creates Custom Entries to Log Anything

Android: KeepTrack is a simple app to create a log that you can fill quickly. It also shows you a calendar of your accomplishments, as well as statistics.

HandyLock Locks Your Mac When You Walk Away, Unlocks When You Return

OS X: HandyLock is a utility that makes sure your Mac is locked and password protected every time you get up and wander away from it. It uses your phone—or any other Bluetooth device—as a "key" and when it's out of range, the app will lock your screen for you, automatically.

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Try Your Local Library Instead of a Coffee Shop to Get Work Done

Try Your Local Library Instead of a Coffee Shop to Get Work Done

When you think of a library, most people think of a quiet place to study. If you want to get work done and spread out, you go to a coffee shop. Newer libraries offer the same amenities as coffee shops, and sometimes even more.

Fast Company says libraries have turned into great workspaces:

For the growing ranks of freelancers whose alternatives range from a cramped corner of their bedroom to a $500-a-month, private coworking space, the new library work zones are a boon. Decked out with fast Internet, 3-D printers, meeting rooms, whiteboards, and plenty of space to spread out, they're much better suited to getting work done than jostling for counter space at a noisy coffee shop

My local public library has study rooms and outlets everywhere. The Wi-Fi is fast and I can bring food and drink in with me. Many libraries, including my local library, have an on-site coffee shop too. Most surprisingly, nobody comes over to me and goes "shhh", even when I talk on the phone.

Check out the link for more details on why you might consider working at the library for a change.

The Public Library Wants To Be Your Office | Fast Company

Photo by Jeni Daley, Marketing Coordinator, Lawrence Public Library.

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